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So I'm a second gen roofer. My Dad taught me everything I need to know how to shingle, mod bit, and run a crew. We?ve done Mod. Bit jobs up to 150sq, and many commercial shingle roofs. Over the last two years we?ve been doing 30sq and under TPO & some EPDM roofs. We?ve been hand welding, It's tedious but it works. My Dad has no knowledge on these roofs, as he didn't trust rubber back in the day and stayed primarily residential due to our good name. This week I got called for a 350sq job, and possibly another 150 on the same building. It's a warehouse and the 150 is cold storage. It's very basic, nothing real complicated. Main thing is that It's over a steel deck which we have never roofed over. Not much below it that could get ruined if we have a few leaks during re-roof. Cored it in several spots, most were the same. 2? of asphalt over insulation, then another layer of asphalt and insulation. 4? total in 3 spots and 6? in one spot. It looked to me that no tapered insulation was needed, but I figured I'll just say that any tapered is extra. Anyhow, we would naturally buy a welding machine. We have our own boom truck, dump trucks, four wheeler w/ a dumpster on a trailer. Do you guys have any advice on jumping in to a situation like this with somewhat limited experience? I'm very knowledgeable, I do my homework, but OJT is priceless. I know I'm tired of trying to convince every adjuster and homeowner that we are worth our charge. Also, they are only getting three local bids. One of the other guys is similar to our company, very good residential reputation but not much in to the commercial end.
Category: Roofing Post By: ROBIN FISHER (Appleton, WI), 03/17/2018

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