Forum Title: Do you have a weather radio on the job site?
The guys and I were talking about this at work. We asked our boss to get a weather radio. He thought it was kind of silly. But, they do give weather alerts and stuff like that. I‚d like to know if something was going to happen weather wise if I‚m on a roof.
Category: Roofing Post By: MIGUEL FULLER (Fullerton, CA), 02/05/2018

That‚s why you have eyeballs. Look towards the sky and see what they tell you. Having one of those radios doesn‚t hurt. But, you‚ll probably end up losing it after the first week.

- JESSICA LEWIS (Summerville, SC), 03/01/2018

We have one and it usually helps if things are going to totally get crazy. Right now we are in our rainy season, so we pretty much expect it every day and usually in the afternoon. It is nice to know if something unexpected is going to happen.

- JEANNE NUNEZ (Midland, TX), 04/03/2018

I‚ve been encouraging our boss to get one. We had a close call last week. A thunderstorm rolled through and surprised us all. I‚d rather have up to date information and not be surprised.

- TAMARA HORTON (Federal Way, WA), 05/28/2018

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