Forum Title: This roof busted drug growing happening
Now you may be wondering, why is there no snow only on that one section?Quote:When growing indoors, the air temperature is needed to be maintained around 10 °C with a cooler night and warmer day. Sufficient levels of CO2 is also needed to bemaintained. In addition to that, strong air circulation within the grow room is maintainedby mounting an extraction fan and multiple oscillating fans. Because of these conditions, the room remains warm even during the colder nights outside. So what did they find inside the building? Now even roofs are stopping drug crimes! Who would have thunk it!
Category: Roofing Post By: CHRISTOPHER MARTINEZ (Tinley Park, IL), 02/11/2018

I remember reading about other stories like this. I never knew there was actual science behind it. This is kind of interesting and cool when you think about it!

- STACY DOUGLAS (Tustin, CA), 03/20/2018

SCIENCE!As the article says however, this is not a sure proof way to bust a weed farm but in terms of it being something to look in to, it is worth it. I am shocked the owners didn't notice the lack of snow.

- BARRY MONTGOMERY (Cedar Park, TX), 04/09/2018

I shouldn't say this but I will... I'd be in heaven. I am not going to sugar coat it, I enjoy smoking every now and then. I am hoping the make it legal.That is still pretty cool, the science of it all. Makes you wonder how much more basic things you don't know.

- BILLY DIAZ (Detroit, MI), 04/25/2018

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