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A new project that was designed by a PE down here in the Sunshine State according to the FBC Hurricane high wind design, anyway the PE called for a frame constructed addition with a flat roof deck, he also called for a single ply roofing system over a vapor barrier and 1.5 ISO board with a 1/2 recovery board any way there the scoop The project requires a -69 neg pressure lift off Now after checking all of the MI'mi Dade roofing specs I Can't find one that meets the neg pressure requirement I checked BUR, Modified TPO, PVC Foam and metal the pitch on the roof deck exceeds 1/4? per foot The engineer is pulling out what hair he has left and I'm chuckling away. Now if it was a concrete deck there would be no problem He could change the Plywood from CDX to Marine grade BC the probably use insulation and use a special fastening system which I'm not familiar with, my son told about the heat system that heats the membrane laps and heats the screws and plates assembly It'seem no one down this has this robot If any knows the system please advise, and I thought my brain would get out of this roofing thinking lol
Category: Roofing Post By: GREGORY GREEN (Corvallis, OR), 03/02/2018

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